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Our Primary goal at MTI is to produce industry professionals with a spirit of excellence by providing teaching and preparing students for the real world, over the road, and industry experiences. With that in mind we have created a learning environment that provides every opportunity for our students to focus on the best possible training. We also have a number of Student Services available to assist in the successful completion of this training journey.


MTI features a newly built facility with specially designed with our school goals in mind. We have two classrooms allowing us to accommodate our student’s class and study time, as well as our school’s developing curricular offerings. Training equipment includes 2 late model tractors and a variety of trailers to give students a broader learning experience. The school has a break room for students with a microwave, refrigerator, sink, and tables and chairs. Both male and female restrooms are available. There is parking available in a well-lit parking lot. This is an ADA accessible facility with handicapped ramps and lavatories, reasonable accommodation will be provided at the request of the student.



MTI encourages diversity and accepts applications from all minorities. MTI does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, or the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability or the use of a trained guide dog or service animal by a person with a disability. MTI acknowledges that information pertaining an applicant’s disability is voluntary and confidential, and will be made on an individual basis. If this information is presented, MTI will reasonably attempt to provide an accommodation to overcome the effects of the limitation of the qualified applicant. All inquiries about accommodations should be made to the admissions administrator upon registration of the program.



ACADEMIC ADVISING: Student services staff will provide all students with academic advising and consultation on satisfactory progress and probationary policies. Students have the opportunity to meet and discuss their academic situation with the student services staff member and receive advice on corrective actions.


PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE: MTI’s placement assistance program is available to assist graduates with finding employment in the field for which they are trained. We will work very hard to assist in the placement of our students; however, the school does not guarantee any of its graduates that they will be employed as a result of the training or placement assistance.  Below are the different aspects of the school’s placement service.

  1. The school will help the student to make contacts and provide some job application forms for prospective employers.

  2. Trucking company recruiters will meet and interview students during training.


Martinez Technical Institute is not an accredited institution and therefore is not authorized to offer Federal Financial Aid. Student Loans are available through various sources. In certain areas funds may be available to assist economically disadvantaged, or displaced and laid-off workers. Many trucking companies reimburse tuition up to 100% over a period of employment.


People receiving disability through the state that can no longer do their previous job, may qualify for vocational rehabilitation placement.


*It should be noted that student loans with the bank must be satisfied regardless of the success or lack of success at MTI.  When a student is given a loan he or she signs a promissory note with the bank.  This loan is the same as any other loan and the student has full responsibility for managing the loan and its repayment.