Graduation Reqs

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Students must meet the following requirements in order to graduate:  


  1. Complete 160 hours of training to obtain a DOL Certificate of Completion from the school. Without this certificate, the DOL will not issue a commercial driver license [RCW 46.25.060 (3)]. 48 hours for Class B. 

  2. Complete all written and on-line assignments 

  3. Return all MTI property in good repair 

  4. Demonstrate they can proficiently and safely handle both the physical and mental demands of handling a big truck 

  5. Pass the Skills Test administered by the Department of Licensing  


Upon completion of our program, you will receive a Certificate of Completion containing your completed hours, your GPA, and the signatures necessary to qualify to receive your CDL. The program’s Final Exam is the successful completion of your state’s DOL Road Test and your new CDL license. 


If a student fails to achieve the minimum requirements, they may be permitted to take remedial training at the rate of $197 per hour (2hrs min).